Kazuhiro Tsuchiya

Current leader of the Four Corners, 16 years old, and the younger brother of Keiichi Tsuchiya. He has an aggressive attitude and tremendous courage when it comes to fighting. Kazuhiro possesses good leadership qualities that make him loved and respected among the gang members. Aside from running the Four Corners, he doesn't seem to have much of an interest in anything else at the moment.

Hideki Yuhara

Aside from being 17 years old, not much is known about him other than some "rumors" circulating about his past, but no one dares to ask him personally. Though he is generally aloof and unapproachable, many look up to him due to his maturity and brilliance. It is said that he plans to take over his father's corporation after graduating high school.

Keiichi Tsuchiya

Eldest child of the Tsuchiya family. Started up the Four Corners gang. The only things that are known about him is that he was funloving, kind, and always knew how to make a just decision.

Mrs. (Noriko) Tsuchiya

The hardworking mother behind the Tsuchiya household. For some reason all of her children turn out to be rebellious "delinquents" and give her a hard time. For the most part, she is an extremely understanding woman and has in fact raised her children quite well.

Kiyomi Tsuchiya

Kazuhiro's twelve year old sister. She is hot tempered just like her brother, but also cynical and a bit hard to please, mostly because of some unavoidable family issues. She has a soft spot for cats and dogs, but Mrs. Tsuchiya isn't fond of them.

Kaoru Tsuchiya

Youngest of the Tsuchiya family. She is six years old and is babied by all the family members, even Kiyomi. Loves frills and lace.


Was one of the members who stuck with Keiichi in the beginning of the gang, and grew up as a childhood friend to the Tsuchiya family. Respects both Keiichi and Kazuhiro equally.


a gang fanatic
A newer member of the gang and enjoys being active, especially alongside Kazuhiro.

Hideki's friends (???)

the group surround the uninterested and pathetically lonely hideki
Hideki's band of three friends who cling to him, but is mostly just Hikaru (far left) in attempt to get a girlfriend by using Hideki's seemingly charming aura. They all seem to love to gossip about things. Though Hideki tries to ignore them in sake of his space, deep down he probably appreciates them being, pretty much, his only friends.

??? gang

Lead by a leader who has bad fashion tastes, but come with an intention to kill. Unknown territory and unknown connections.

The Hellhounds

A delinquent gang far away from the four corner's territory. They've been around for a couple years now, long enough at least to know who Hideki Yuhara is.


Mysterious man that seems to haunt Hideki's memory. Who is he?


A first year who's crazy over the biggest gang in their area, the four corners. With Shunsuke's help he managed to join, but he's more of a fan than a member.

Akihide (Aki)

Kenji's best friend. He's an extremely studious student, but due to his physical appearance most people mistake him for being a troublemaker. Doesn't usually approve of Kenji's strange hobbies but tags along with him anyways.


Aside from Azumi, Junichi is the only other member who was a part of the four corners from Keiichi's reign. He's threateningly larger than most members and also cares a great deal about his hair.


A cheery and athletic girl who's a frequent member. Though petite in stature, she has been trained in martial arts from a young age.


Hair enthusiast and fashionista. She is one of the frequent members, but she usually ends up doing her own thing.


Music and manga lover. Also a good fighter???


Hangs around the four corners more than most guys.


Hardly ever talks, but rest assured...he's there!