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At Yokohama University, the Four Corners is the most popular band on campus. Kazuhiro is the drummer who, compared to Hideki, is always overshadowed by his overwhelming attention. Thankfully, they don't ever have to worry about rivalry, because they're great friends--well, almost friends...acquaintances, maybe? Kazuhiro doesn't have the slightest clue. When the both of them end up visiting each other on the first day of winter break, they begin to get a clearer indication of how exactly they feel about each other...


AWESOME fanart of Kazuhiro and Hideki drawn by the super sweet Finf @ deviantart!!! You can also check out his completed comic, Little Step!

Kazuhiro drawn by Rei~!!! Check out their art and visual novel work!!!

Amazing fanart by Bedbugmochi!!! Consider commissioning her for art!!!!!!!

Super adorable fanart from my good friend Milo!!!!!!!!!

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