Bringing banner link backs?

Hi all!

As some of you fellow creators may know, sadly, project wonderful ended this year, and it looks like smackjeeves is the only place for paid webcomic advertising, but in terms of free advertising, it's a little tricky now. Because of this, I was hoping to bring banner link backs to Four Corners. I'm going to be putting the banners on the front page (above the news) but feel free to put my banners anywhere on your site.

Sizes I'd prefer are smaller ones, that way I can fit them all on the front page. (So 100 x 30, 117 x 30, 234 x 60, but perhaps a few 468 x 60 since I still might be able to fit a few in.) Also, I'm open to link to other creative projects too, not just webcomics, so just hit me up if you're interested! (And of course hmu if you add a banner, that way I can do the same.)

So yeah, let's bring link backs back!!! It'll be fun!! And plus we'll be strengthening the community and hopefully start the linkback trend again!!! ??

100 x 30
117 x 30
234 x 60
300 x 124
468 x 60

posted by baramasala @ November 5th, 2018, 9:07 am  -  0 Comments

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